Maurice Cares Matching Gift Program

Maurice Cares introduces the Matching Gift Program – effective April 1, 2015

Maurice Cares is pleased to offer a Matching Gift Program for the associates of Maurice Sporting Goods. This program is designed to encourage associates to make financial contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations that reflect their personal interests. Each year an allocated amount of money generated by fundraising activities will be designated for the Matching Gift Program. These fundswill be distributed on a quarterly basis through an application process. Maurice Cares will match individual associate gifts ranging from $25 to $250 per charity, per calendar year on dollar-for-dollar basis for regular full-time associates. There is a one-time per year limit per associate as long as there are remaining designated funds available. The organization to which the gift is being made must be a US 501(c)(3).


Eligible participants are limited to Associates of Maurice Sporting Goods with at least one year of continuous employment on the date the gift was made.


A. Eligible Charitable Organizations

1. Participating organizations must be one of the following (excluding those listed in the “Ineligible Recipient Organizations” section):

a. Recognized by and registered with the United States Department of Treasury as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

2. All organizations must be approved by Maurice Cares and must confirm compliance with program criteria to participate in the program.

B. Ineligible Organizations

1. Political organizations (partisan organizations or those supporting specific candidates or legislation).

2. Religious organizations (churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship), or other organizations primarily promoting religious purposes. Other faith-based community service organizations or schools may be considered eligible if their programs:

a. are open to all individuals in the community regardless of religious belief;
b. serve a secular purpose, such as food pantry, homeless shelter, or education;
c. do not require participation in prayer, worship, or other religious activities as a condition of receiving service(s) offered; and
d. do not use the individual donation or resulting match for religious purposes.

3. Donor advised funds, private foundations, and personal trusts.

4. Organizations that do not comply with MSG’s non-discrimination policy as follows: The Company’s policy is to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals. All employment decisions at the Company will be based on merit, qualifications, abilities and the Company’s needs and resources. The Company does not discriminate in recruiting (including recruitment advertising), hiring, compensation, promotions, discipline, layoff, termination or any other aspect of employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, military service or status, or any other basis protected by applicable law (each a “Protected Characteristic”).

5. Organizations that do not comply with the USA Patriot Act.


A. Annual Maximum

1. Each eligible associate of Maurice Sporting Goods is entitled to request one matching gift per calendar year in the amount of $25-$250.

B. Eligible Gifts

1. Gifts must be a tax-deductible, charitable contribution of $25-$250.

2. Gifts must be current contributions made directly by the Maurice Sporting Goods associate to the eligible organization from the associate’s own assets. Gifts must be made, not merely pledged. A matching gift cannot be used to satisfy a personal pledge (e.g. a pledge of $100 cannot be satisfied by $50 from the donor and $50 from the Maurice Cares match).

3. Gifts may be made via cash, check or credit card.

C. Ineligible Gifts
Maurice Cares will not match the following:

1. Charitable contributions for religious purposes or supporting religious activities and programs.

2. Charitable contributions supporting political purposes, influencing legislation, or electing candidates.

3. Contributions, or portions thereof, that are not considered charitable or tax-deductible (e.g. event registration, admission fees, auction item value, etc.).

4. Contributions, or non-deductible portions thereof, which directly or indirectly benefit the donor, his/her family, or other person designated by the donor such as: tuition or other student expenses (including books, services, fees, travel expenses for volunteer trips, etc.).

5. Individual, family or group membership fees/dues, including alumni dues and subscription fees.

6. Bequests, insurance premiums, or contributions made through entities such as charitable remainder or lead trusts or charitable gift annuities. Real estate, in-kind, or non-monetary contributions (e.g. services, materials, supplies, etc.).

7. Real estate, in-kind, or non-monetary contributions (e.g. services, materials, supplies, etc.).

Maurice Cares reserves the right to examine and exclude organizations, gifts, and participants as it deems appropriate.

Note that the Maurice Sporting Goods associate should first make the donation directly to the charity.

A. Donor completes Part 1 of the Matching Gift Program form and mails the entire form with the contribution to the designated institution.

B. If the associate submits their donation online directly to the recipient organization, a printed receipt must accompany the matching gift form which can be submitted directly to Maurice Cares.

C. A responsible financial officer of the recipient organization completes and countersigns Part 2, thereby certifying receipt and intent in accordance with Program conditions. The organization returns the entire form, along with proof of the donation to: Maurice Cares, 1910 Techny Rd, Northbrook, IL 60062.

D. Maurice Cares may amend or terminate this Program at any time. The interpretation, application and administration of the Matching Gift Program shall be determined by Maurice Cares, and its decisions shall be final.

E. Contact information: Pat Halachoulis, Program Coordinator Maurice Cares; or 847.715.1246


A. Maurice Cares matching gift checks will be sent directly to the recipient organization.

B. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis, unless otherwise noted, based on the following payment schedule:

Forms received by: Will be paid by:
March 31 April 30
June 30 July 31
September 30 October 31
December 31 January 31


The Maurice Cares Matching Gifts Program is not part of Maurice Sporting Goods employee benefits program, but rather is offered as a public service by Maurice Cares, the charitable foundation established by Maurice Sporting Goods. This Program is not to be construed as creating a balance due from, or legal obligation by Maurice Cares. If any matching activity is found at any time to be or have been generated by or for an ineligible person, donation, or organization, Maurice Cares reserves the right to request return of the funds. Maurice Cares determines all aspects of the program including participant, gift and recipient eligibility, and may amend or terminate the program at any time.

Maurice Cares Matching Gift Program FAQs


  • I am an associate of Maurice Sporting Goods, but I am located outside the United States. Can I still participate?
  • At this time the Matching Gift Program is offered in the United States.
  • How does the process work?
  • Associates will make their donation directly to eligible organizations. The associate will include a copy of the Matching Gift Program application with Part 1 completed.
  • What does the charity need to do to receive the match?
  • The recipient organization will validate the associate’s donation by completing Part 2 of the form and returning the signed form along with proof of receipt of the donation and a copy of their 501(c)(3) status to Maurice Cares.
  • When will the payments be made?
  • Payments to eligible organizations will be made based on the schedule below.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum for the matching funds?
  • In order to be matched, a donation must be a minimum of $25 with a maximum of $250.
  • Can associates request multiple matches throughout the year?
  • Associates with at least one year of continuous service on the date their donation was made may submit one Matching Gift Program request per calendar year.


  • When will the charity receive the matching payment?
  • The charity must first confirm receipt of a donation by returning the Matching Gift Program form along with confirmation of the associate’s donation. Payments are made quarterly, so once the charity has confirmed the donation, it should be included in the next quarterly batch (please note that all gifts and charities will be reviewed for compliance and eligibility prior to payment).


Forms received by: Will be paid by:
March 31 April 30
June 30 July 31
September 30 October 31
December 31 January 31


  • Are charitable organizations outside the United States eligible to participate?
  • At this time the Matching Gift Program is offered in the United States.
  • How do I know if my favorite U.S. charity has 501(c)(3) status?
  • The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has an electronic database of eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, called the Electronic Master Business File, which is updated each calendar quarter. Maurice Cares Matching Gift Program may use this IRS electronic database to determine eligibility. You may also contact the organization directly to confirm, check the Guide Star website, or search the IRS website,
  • Can I donate to my church, high school, etc.?
  • Please refer to the eligibility guidelines for eligibility criteria.
  • What does it mean that a recipient charity is “approved”?
  • “Approved” organizations are those that meet basic tax status criteria. Please note that all organizations and all gifts will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to determine compliance with guidelines and eligibility for matching. Maurice Cares cannot guarantee that every gift made by an associate of Maurice Sporting Goods will be matched. All organizations must confirm compliance with program criteria to be eligible for a matching gift.


  • For U.S. Nonprofit Organizations Using a Parent Tax ID
  • If the organization is using the Federal Tax ID of a parent organization, it will need to provide a letter from the parent organization (on letterhead) that gives permission for that organization to use the parent organization’s Tax ID for the Maurice Cares Matching Gift Program. This letter will need to include the name, address and Federal Tax ID of the parent organization and the name and address of the organization authorized to use the number.
  • For All Other Nonprofit Organizations
  • If the Federal Tax ID is unable to be verified electronically, the organization should contact the IRS Call Center at (877) 829-5500 to get a clarification of its tax status. If it does have 501(c)(3) status but is not listed on the Master Business File (usually for financial reasons), it will need to obtain a letter from the IRS stating the status of the organization.